We currently have two active web cameras up at the tower.


The best way to view the cameras is through dedicated IP Camera Viewer software – instructions are below (PC Software Only)

Please download and install the free IP Camera Software for Windows by clicking this link: IPCameraViewer

Once your software is installed click Add Camera on the top left of the IP Camera Viewer window (looks like the below icon)  

Add Camera

Input Camera 1‘s details exactly as the below screenshot shows:

Cam 1 Settings

Clicking Test Camera should then show the feed of Camera 1

Select OK

Now repeat the above process to add in Camera 2, exactly as the below screenshot shows:

 Cam 2 Settings

Clicking Test Camera should then show the feed of Camera 2

Select OK

Now feel free to play around – clicking the video screen allows you to move the cameras around. You can also play around with the Camera Layout button to pick a preferred way of viewing the feeds (single window, side by side etc).

You can currently view the cameras directly at the following links although the Panasonic software is slow and sluggish so please be patient: the upload speed of the tower is very low so the loading speed does take a few moments

Camera 1

Camera 2