Scarlett Tower History


  • Scarlett Tower is situated on the south west coast of the Isle of Man, near to Castletown
  • The tower used to be a Coastguard watch tower but was decommissioned in 1971
  • The tower was continually manned when the sea state reached Force 5
  • After the tower de-commission it shortly fell into disrepair and was considered dangerous due to the amount of damage

Once the tower was in its damaged state, it stayed that way getting worse and worse for a large amount of time. After a while the tower was looking at getting demolished by the owner, however a small group of amateur radio enthusiasts heard about this and approached the owner with the idea of restoring and using the tower for transmitting amateur radio as the location is excellent for this purpose. The owner was delighted by this, even helping out with guys and chipping in for materials.

When the lease was acquired, the work was done in the winter and because of the tower’s location the team had to work in freezing temperatures and gale force winds. The tower needed a new roof, windows, timber cladding and at that time there wasn’t an electricity supply to the building so for a couple of years they had to operate using only a generator.

One of the coastguards, Joe Proffitt (who served 30 years), his son heard of the situation and arranged for a power supply to be connected to the tower making life so much easier. There is a plaque on the front wall of the tower in memory of Joe.

Over the years Ronnie Allcote has invested a lot of his time, effort and money to keep the site up and running.

The BBC interviewed Ronnie and a German TV station MareTv came to film a documentary which featured Scarlett Tower.