About Ronnie

Bannaghtyn (greetings in Manx)

I’m Ronnie and I’m located near Castletown on the Isle of Man. The ancient language known on the Isle of Man is the “Manx” lanuguage which is still used today. I am now a full license holder (Class A) with my previous call being 2D0RLA.

My Station

Rig – Yaesu FT847

Ant: Hexbeam by SP7IDX

Ant: Doublet for 40/80m

I’m a member of the DX-Interceptors (MS0IXD) where I’m on air from Scarlett Point on the south of the island as MT0IXD. Click www.scarlettpoint.im   and you can see live webcams of the station. Thanks to Dennis AB9RH for supplying the tower with the new web cameras.

The tower was left in a poor state of repair where I along with friends worked on the tower to make it a usable station (below see photos of before and after). The station is located at a brilliant spot with water around three sides of the tower consisting of:

Kenwood 570 & OCF DIPLOE

Before                                              After

The tower has been used by many visiting Amateurs….and visitors are always WELCOME!

I have also featured in the German Mare TV  as seen below:

I have also been visited by the BBC where they interviewed me and recorded the tower = CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

73 Good DX

Ronnie MD0RLA

Thanks to billy GM0OBX and Frank MM0HST for their antenna help