Webcam Page Updated

The webcam page has now been updated to show instructions to install IP Camera viewing software which is the fastest way to connect to the tower’s cameras. Please click here to go to the page.

Enjoy the views!

IP Camera Viewer Software

4 thoughts on “Webcam Page Updated

  1. Trying to connect but not having much success. Have enjoyed visiting theold site as I spent many a happy time playing over at Scarlett many years ago. Am presently on a cruise along the coast of Norway.

  2. Good job Ronnie, the cameras work great but it would be nice to have audio so as we
    can listen in when you are on the air.
    An inside camera would be great also so we can watch you hamming it up..


  3. Hello Ronni,

    Is there a “Linux” version of the web cam software??
    Would like to put it on my lap top so I can take it with me.


    Your friend Dennis/AB9RH in Wisconsin USA

  4. Glad to see that you have cleaned the windows! And moved the clothes line aerial. Can now nearly pick out the house I was born in Queen Street. Best wishes, John Oates.

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